"I can testify that the CRODON Wear Plate wears like nothing we have ever seen in our coal chutes."

James Smouse - Maintenance Superintendent, Public Service of New Mexico Coal Fired Power Plant.


"The CRODON Wear Plates have saved us a lot of headaches.  We've gotten up to 7 times the life we used to get from ceramic tiles and installation is a whole lot easier."

Larry Haskovec - Technical Advisor, GAF/ELK, Ennis, Texas.


"I was skeptical of the CRODON product when first presented but after testing it I gained enough confidence to specify it for most wear applications in the granule chutes at our Myerstown facility."

Christine Fogarty - Maintenance Engineer, GAF/ELK, Myerstown, PA.


"If anyone tried this, they wouldn't use anything else. Our discharge hoppers are the most abrasive areas in the plant because wvery load goes through them. We tried everything and the best we got was 3 months until we tried CRODON. With CRODON we get a year and a half."

Wes Busby - Operations Manager, Smith Concrete, Nashville, AR.







Basic characteristics of CRODON® wear surface

  • Extreme hardness: 1100 Knoop (70 74 Rockwell C).
  • Dense, monolithic, and sealed surface.
  • Non-stick, hydrophobic Surface.
  • Heat tolerant to at least 400°C.
  • Adhesion to base metal - over 68,9 MPA.


Key benefits

  • Non-stick surface promotes Mass Flow - better than stainless and Teflon-epoxy Comparable to Tivar 88.
  • Improves life cycle in abrasive applications.
  • 12mm AR400-2-4 (or better) times life cycle.
  • Up to 50 times more wear resistant than 304 stainless.
  • Improves Performance
  • Reliability:Does not gauge, expand/contract with temperature changes or burn as UHMW can.


Resistance to wear

  • Three times more wear resistant than standard hard chrome .(G-65 abrasion testing).
  • Outlasts 12mm AR400 and 25mm stainless steel.
  • Resists corrosion due to water, hydrogen sulfide, nitric acid and nearly all organic acids.
  • Extremely durable in oxidizing environments.


Non-stick surface

  •  Hydrophobic surface - Repels water rather than attracting it like ferrous based materials.
  • Mass flow performance better than S/S .
  • Allows for reduced wall angle in chutes & hoppers while maintaining mass flow.
  • Retains designed flow specifications throughout its life cycle.


Proven performace in a variety of enviroments

  • Coal - PRB, lignite, and eastern bituminous.
  • Punch Plate Scalping Screens.
  • Truck Bedsoil sands, overburden, & coal.
  • Potash.
  • Wood Chipper Housings.
  • Knife Gates.
  • Limestone - crushed & slurry.
  • Sand, Frac Sand & Gravel - chutes, skirt boards, silo grates, & loader buckets.
  • Hot and Cold Asphalt - chutes, hoppers, & burner covers.
  • Taconite Ore Chutes.
  • Ready Mix Cement - mixers, chutes, & hoppers
BHT Group Pty Ltd is the Australian distributor for CRODON® Wear Plate. CRODON® is a trading name for Chromium Corporation  a subsidiary of BMCA. Founded in 1926 Chromium Corporation is one of the oldest and most experienced companies of its type in North America. Much of the technical expertise in the plating industry was developed by Chromium Corporation. CRODON® was the first trademark registered by Chromium and continues to be symbol of superior quality, durability and application engineered finishes.

What is CRODON®  Wear Plate?

  • Dual layer material
  • Base Steel mild steel, AR400 steel, AR500 steel, or 304/316 stainless steel.
  • Steel Thickness 3mm, 6mm, 10mm, and 12mm.
  • Plate Dimensions 610 X 1220 & 1220 X 1220 & 6mm base steel.
  • 0.020 CRODON wear Surface