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Port Facilities at Dampier and Port Hedland

BHT Group has designed a number of facilities for our clients at Dampier and Port Hedland. These facilities are either on-shore or marine structure. They include material unloading bridge, stockpile reclaim tunnel, conveyor system, ship-loader modification, tug-pen pontoon, dolphin, fender, cathodic protection for jetty structure, etc.



Rectification of Vibration Issue at a Crusher Building

BHT Group was engaged by BHPBIO to fix up an existing crusher building at their Yandi mine site which was demonstrating severe vibration issue to the instrumentation and maintenance personnel. BHT Group carried out site investigation, analysis and came out with feasible modifications to the building which effectively reduce the vibration to an acceptable level.   

Salt Fixed Stacker
Overland Conveyor
Rio Tinto Technology and Innovation
BHT GROUP and T&I have previously worked in conjunction to develop new conveying technologies through mobile conveyance technologies, in pit crushing and mining technology and Order of Magnitude studies for Simandou and Oxbow mine sites within the Rio Tinto expansion plan.
The Order of Magnitude studies incorporated in-pit crushing and flexible one flight conveyance systems for mine sites, removing the need for multiple transfer points, haulage requirements and reducing overall Capex and Opex Costs.
Simandou Mine in Guinea, West Africa encompassed a Capex and Opex study based on removing haulage requirements from the mine site and studies on potential alternative mining methods and delivery. The NexCon system was proposed as the main design model for this mine. The main risk for Simandou was the haulage impacts and high rainfall patterns effectively comprising haulage and traditional mining methods. The NexCon system removed all risks in regards to the main haulage of the mined material.
Dampier Salt Overland Conveyor
Dampier Salt Northshore Project - Wet Salt, 1200tph/3500tph, 5800m in total, 7x315kW. System of three overland conveyors to transport material from a processing plant to a stockpile area and then onto a ship loading system. Multiple very tight compound horizontal/vertical curves allowing the conveyor to be installed on an existing haul road easement without requirement for additional permitting. Involvement with Client to determine conveyor route, Conveyor Design, Engineering and Project Management.
Dampier Salt Fixed Stacker

Dampier Salt Bypass Stacker - New fixed load out stacker and conveyor, Wet Salt, 1600tph, 30m (Elevation 20m), 2x315kW. Multiple compound horizontal/vertical curves allowing the conveyor/fixed stacker to be installed on an existing haul road easement without requirement for additional permitting and levees. Involvement with Client to determine conveyor route, Conveyor Design, Procurement, Engineering and Project Management 

Site Infrastructure for CBH Group
BHT GROUP was engaged by CBH Group to design the site infrastructure for a number of grain receival sites across Western Australia.  This infrastructure includes road, pavement, traffic management, water reticulation, storm-water management, weighbridge, sample hut, open bulkhead storage, grain handling system, etc.   
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