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At BHT Group, we strive to assist our client in achieving their project goals from inception to completion. Our core business is providing engineering services in bulk material handling to the resources, agricultural and industrial sectors, but the company has the capabilities to accept engineering challenges from all sectors.  We provide the following services to our clients:

Project Development / Management 



  • Project development

    Working hand in hand, we help our client in project scoping and development. We also help our client to develop the basis of design. 


  • Feasibility study

    We carry out front end study and risk assessment to determine the project feasibility. 


  • Project Management

    We provide professional project management service to our client to help plan, manage, monitor and control available resources so that the client's objectives can be achieved with the specified quality within budget and time.

Engineering Consulting and Design



We provide multi-disciplinary consulting engineering services ranging from feasibility study, front end engineering, detailed design/drafting, 3D modelling, debottlenecking, optimization to overall mining plant design.  Our expertise includes:


  • Civil engineering

    • Overall site infrastructure

    • Roads and bridges

    • Earthworks

    • Water and storm-water management 


  • Structural engineering

    • Mining structures 

    • Bulk material handling structures

    • Industrial, commercial and residential structures 

    • General structural engineering


  • Marine engineering

    • Ship-loading and Port facilities

    • Floating structures


  • Mechanical engineering

    • Discrete Element Analysis

    • Material handling and commutation system design

    • Conveyor and chute design

    • Process improvement and debottlenecking

    • Mechanical component design


  • Electrical engineering

    • PLC design

    • Automation

    • General electrical engineering


  • Condition monitor and integrity audit

    • One-off or periodical inspection/testing to audit the facility integrity from the structural, mechanical and/or electrical aspects.

    • Design certification


  • 3D modelling

    • 12d Model for survey and civil engineering

    • Solidworks for structural/mechanical modelling 


  • Detailing and drafting

    • Shop detail drawings

Fabrication and Supply



We arrange the fabrication and supply of structures/components of various materials, no matter the structures/components are our design or by others.  

Our scope includes:


  • Steel structures/components

  • Stainless steel structures/components

  • Aluminium structure/components

  • CRODON Wear Plate

Site Supervision & Commissioning
We offer services to our clients during the construction stage to ensure the project is successfully completed.
  • Site supervision

    Our calibre site personnel will ensure the project is executed in accordance to the client's specifications. With complete understanding of the design, our site personnel can help solve any unforeseeable site situation without delay.


  • Testing and Commissioning 

    Our experienced personnel can test and commission mechanical and electrical equipment on site to ensure they are functioning as per design.

Outsourcing of Professional and Technical Personnel
We outsource our highly experienced professional and technical personnel to meet our client's need across a number of disciplines:
  • Project Managers
  • Engineers
  • Drafts Persons
  • 3D Modellers 
  • Site Supervisors
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